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About Elizabeth

Jewelry designer Elizabeth Moore is fueled by a desire to create effortless everyday luxury. Inspired by the symbols she uses and embellished with consciously selected stones, Elizabeth designs meaningful pieces that are as empowering as the women who wear them. Her collections are handcrafted in New York City - created for unique women, by unique women. 

Elizabeth prides herself in overseeing every aspect of the production process. From hand-selecting Montana Sapphires to working directly with her talented team of master jewelers, she ensures that the quality and sustainability are at the forefront of her line. Elizabeth Moore Jewelry is designed with recycled 18K and 14K Gold, conflict - free diamonds with a focus on gemstones mined in the US.

Elizabeth’s jewelry designs are drawn from her life’s journey. Her career in performing arts shows how precisely executed presentations emerge from meticulous craftsmanship. The playful charm of her Southern roots merges effortlessly with the serious style of her present home, New York City. 

These reflections are artistically woven in each collection. 

The Circle of 5th’s celebrates a balanced, independent and courageous lifestyle. 

Infinity reminds us of life's infinite, endless and limitless possibilities. 

Celestial aspires us to reach for the stars in discovering our inner creative and adventurous self. 

"My desire is to create collections with meaning and intention while keeping sustainability at the forefront. Effortless, empowering jewelry, reminding women that possibilities and passions are limitless.​"