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We started the new decade with a positive change by shifting our production from overseas to the US. As we learned more about the process of mining - and the social and environmental problems that are associated with gold production - we decided we needed to leave a positive stamp on the world. We are committed to stringent standards of social and environmental responsibility, and are continuously improving our practices as we learn and grow further.


We use diamonds that are sourced through suppliers licensed under the Kimberley Process and polished at Certified Fairtrade Facilities. We also utilize recycled and repurposed diamonds, because there's nearly zero impact on the environment since they aren’t newly-mined.

Recycled Precious Metals

To minimize our environmental impact, we use recycled 18K and 14K Gold and we are committed to working with suppliers who process their precious metals in a sustainable manner. Recycled gold is a naturally renewable resource and therefore can be recycled over and over without losing its value.

US Mined Gemstones

Many of our pieces are inspired by gemstones that are found in the US, such as Montana Sapphires, Oregon Sunstones Kingman Turquoise. We work with local producers to ensure transparency.

Made in Manhattan

All of our products are handcrafted in Manhattan so we can proudly stand behind the quality, and refined craftsmanship associated with NYC production. We feel a need to give back to the vibrant city that has provided so much for us and inspired our work. By working hand-in-hand with master jewelers locally, we can ensure a healthy, fair, and equitable work environment.