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At Elizabeth Moore, we understand the absolute importance of a sustainable existence. As our brand has grown, we have made ethical, conscious, and progressive jewelry with craftsmanship as an imperative.

Reduced environmental impact:

By using recycled and repurposed materials as well as US sourced gemstones, we help to reduce waste and pollution.


All our products are handcrafted in Manhattan. We proudly stand behind the quality and refined craftsmanship associated with NYC production. We work hand-in-hand with master jewelers locally.


Our jewelry is designed to be loved all day, everyday. No matter the occasion, our pieces are made to take you from day to night. We seek to reduce our environmental footprint by keeping our jewelry circular and embedding environmental sustainability throughout our operations and value chain.

Small batch production

Producing our jewelery in small batches allows us to be more sustainable and more eco-friendly because we don't require large assembly lines or amounts of raw materials, which could be potentially wasteful. There is very little waste involved and small batch production requires less amounts of electricity or water to be used. Small batch means small footprint.