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EM's NYC Summer Haunts

EM's NYC Summer Haunts

 We've been looking forward to this summer for quite some time. We love the season, of course. What's not to love about sun-kissed skin and saltwater waves in our hair? But this summer, the summer of 2021, represents something more to us. The city, state and country are at a pandemic turning point. Just last week, New York State reached a vaccination rate of 70% — the necessary threshold to return to the style of life that we used to know, a year and a half ago. The city is waking up around us, and it feels so good.

What will you do, now that you can do just about anything?

We're excited to frequent our favorite summer spots... and even more excited to show off our jewelry. Pieces like our Kingman Turquoise Celestial Drops deserve to be seen. BAZAAR's Barry Samaha believes our Eye of the Sun Tanzanite Ring will be one of the chicest pieces for summer 2021. We'll be wearing them to...


1. Grand Bazaar NYC 

This Upper West Side market is open every Sunday, year-round. But we think there's something even more special about flea markets in the summer time. The sun is out, the weather is warm, and we're outfitted in espadrilles and breezy linen button-downs. Grand Bazaar is NYC's largest curated market, with booths hosted by local artists, antique dealers and food venders. We love it because it brings us creative inspiration.

2. Delacorte Theater

Delacorte is Central Park's open-air theater, best known for The Public Theater's free programming of Shakespeare in the Park. This year's production is Jocelyn Bioh's adaptation of The Merry Wives of Windsor, set within a South Harlem community of West African immigrants. The production features an all-black cast, and aims to celebrate black joy and laughter. We missed last year's season of Shakespeare in the Park (it was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns), so we're especially looking forward to attending this summer.

3. Grand Banks

All we want to do on a summer evening is sit by the water and watch the sun go down. Grand Banks is the perfect place to do it. This oyster bar is located on the Sherman Zwicker, a large wooden boat docked at Hudson River Park's Pier 25. They offer a selection of summery wines, nautical cocktails and the freshest oysters.

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