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We Spin the Wheel and Come up With Creative Gold…

We Spin the Wheel and Come up With Creative Gold…

The circle of 5ths is a bedrock fundamental music theory concept used by musicians, creatives, and theorists around the world. It may have originated from the times of Ancient Greece, but the evidence is tentative. The earliest known depiction of a circle-of-5th’s type depiction is best attributed to a Ukrainian composer and theorist from as early as 1670. Even with all this knowledge and as the annals of history become increasingly hard to keep track of, there is still a lot we don’t know. The Circle of 5th’s origins and genesis leave much to be desired. 

So, What is the Circle of 5th’s and why does it inspire us timelessly? Simply put, the Circle of 5th’s is perfection itemized. Music reaches us and the rest of our humanity through harmony perfected. We are drawn to what sounds good because what sounds good feels good. Just as the golden ratio has brought us closer and closer to understanding aesthetic pleasure, the Circle of 5th’s physically shows us how music, no matter what or is, brings us such raw joy and inspiration. 

My collection, The Circle of 5th’s, is inspired by this phenomenon. Just as what sounds good truly does feel good, my desire is to make women feel good while doing good. Through a continually perfecting process of conscious design, wearable pieces and jewelry contain the power to inspire us and those around us timelessly while also bringing us personal harmony, appreciation, and pleasure. These are the underlying truths that brought The Circle of 5th’s collection it’s unique design and aura. I hope you enjoy exploring these pieces.

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